Reusable JAR

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Reusable jar for storing and mixing mineral cosmetics. Made of durable aluminium.

Perfect for storing and transporting products from the refill line in paper packaging. The jar was created in the spirit of #lesswaste.

Can plastic be replaced? Not fully, but it can be certainly limited. We’ve created an alternative to plastic mixing jars as well as storing refills of mineral makeup. It is the reusable Annabelle Minerals aluminium jar.

Why is it worth reaching for aluminium packaging?

Aluminium packaging has many advantages. The three most important are:
1. They are light - they produce a lower carbon footprint in transport. Carried every day, they do not burden a handy makeup bag.
2. They are durable - they will not break when dropped.
3. They can be efficiently recycled - aluminium packaging can be recycled indefinitely, because it does not lose quality in the recycling process. However, they should be allowed to process and ensure that they end up in a container for metals and plastics.

The reusable Annabelle Minerals jar is entirely made of pink-colored aluminium. It is equipped with a strainer and a makeup puff that protects the product from spilling out and allows you to make quick touch ups during the day.

The aluminum jar is extremely capacious - it can hold up to 18 g of loose cosmetic.

How can you best describe our reusable jar in three words? Eco-friendly, practical and eye-catching. Join the group of environmentally conscious consumers and choose cosmetics without plastic.

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