Relaxing Orange Massage Oil 200 ml

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Contains natural essential orange oil from the peel of the fruits of a Sweet Orange Tree grown in the sun of South Italy and Sicily.

Has mild calming, warming and rejuvenating properties. Based on natural sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin E known as the Youth Vitamin and essential unsaturated fatty acids.

Addition of grape seed oil provides a feeling of soft and firm skin. The oil spreads easily, absorbs well into the skin, giving a good glide for a massage.

Improves skin’s elasticity and firmness, leaving it with a natural, sweet and fruity scent.

Recommended for professional aromapeuthic massages, foot massages and thai leg massage.


Oils form: grape seeds, sweet almonds, sunflower seeds and orange.


How to use
Apply to the whole body and massage lightly with circular movements. Can be also added to the bath water or applied directly to the skin after taking a shower.

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