PORE REVOLUTION Mattifying serum – gel tightening pores 50 ml

£5.59 £7.98


Immediate effect of matte skin


Light, oil-free serum recommended for young, oily, acne skin with enlarged pores.

Thanks to advanced technology instantly mattifies the skin leaving it smooth and velvety.

Contains Japanese rose (Rosa Multiflora extract) visibly reducing enlarged pores, acting against factors causing them.

Regulates skin exfoliating, melanogenesis and sebum excretion processes, thus preventing blackheads and discolorations.

Tightening and seboregulating action is empowered by niacinamide and Evermat TM, which reduce acne and the risk of acne scars. A complex of Aloe vera and Imperata cylindrica extracts intensively and long-lastingly moisturizes and soothes irritations.


How to use

Apply in the morning to cleansed facial skin. Perfect for makeup.

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