PORE REVOLUTION Active Seboregulator Night Cream



Prevents blackheads



Cream for young, oily, acne skin with enlarged pores.


Contains a specially composed complex of active ingredients acting against the factors causing enlarged pores.

Japanese rose extract (Rosa Multiflora) visibly reduces enlarged pores, prevents blackheads and discolorations.


Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) regulates the activity of sebaceous glands and reduce acne. Innovation in long-term skin moisturization – HydranovTM, increases skin moisture level 3-times faster than hyaluronic acid. This effect is empowered with Imperata cylindrica extract.

Aloe and panthenol soothe irritations.

Cream is non-comedogenic, evens the skin tone, leaving it smooth and velvety to touch.


How to use

Use in the evening after removing your skin.

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