Phacelia Honey 1200 G

Fine-grained facelia honey with a light, yellow color, sour, sweet taste and a slightly herbal aroma.

Phacelia honey:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • strengthens the body after hard physical work or intellectual effort
  • helps with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and in the treatment of bronchial asthma
  • like other light nectar honeys, it can help in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, atherosclerosis, as well as arterial hypertension
  • it is sometimes used as an auxiliary in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • helps with colds
  • reduces the toxic effects of nicotine, alcohol, tea and coffee

Phacelia honey - royal honey

Phacelia honey is obtained from phacelia flowers. It is a fodder honey plant with blue flowers and a fabulous fragrance. Phacelia honey is nectar or floral honey. Bees collect nectar in the blue phacelia and turn it into velvety, golden, delicate honey. Phacelia blooms briefly, but is very honey-bearing - that is why beekeepers called blue phacelia "the queen of honey-yield", and phacelia - royal honey.

Phacelia honey - application

It is bright in color and has an intense aroma - it is loved by both adults and children. It tastes great as an addition to dishes, but thanks to its rich flavor - also eaten on its own. Phacelia honey reigns in the kitchen, but not only! It works well as a support for a home first aid kit - it helps to chase away colds and immunity drops. Phacelia honey is irreplaceable when it comes to digestive issues or blood pressure - it's a tasty way to fight ailments!

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