Orzech! classic. Healthy Nut Cream 140 g

Greasy, healthy, tasty - the perfect combination that makes you lick your fingers!

Weight: 140 g


It is a healthy replacement for sweet chocolate-nut creams.


  • use for sweet desserts , pancakes , pancakes , waffles , cakes ,
  • you can translate cookies or wafers with it ,
  • you put it  on a bun with a little honey and a banana,
  • and you can even eat it with a teaspoon straight from the jar .

Over the years, the recipe of the ORZESZ cream has been refined! is based on selected ingredients of the highest quality - on Energy for coffee and hazelnuts from Tree Nuts.



  • Energy for coffee, that is:
    1. ghee clarified butter,
    2. unrefined coconut oil,
    3. indian cardamom,
    4. cinnamon,
    5. Madagascar vanilla pod,
  • carob,
  • date syrup,
  • cinnamon.


Ghee is a traditional Indian recipe for making butter. Butter made in this way does not contain gluten , casein and lactose - it is a good alternative for people with their intolerance.

It is made using the traditional method - the clarification process lasts from 8 to 12 hours (depending on the season, i.e. what the cows eat - grass or hay).



  • does not burn , has a high smoke point - 260 C⁰,
  • can be consumed by pregnant and lactating women ,
  • is 100% milk fat,
  • contains vitamins A, D, E, K ,
  • does not contain bad cholesterol,
  • does not contain preservatives , thickeners or dyes.


You do not need to store ghee in the refrigerator, room temperature is optimal for it . A natural and seasonal product, so in summer and winter it may have a slightly different consistency - in summer the butter will be semi-liquid, in winter it will be more compact. The white precipitate is the result of natural processes.

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