Organic cocoa butter of Peru criollo 100g

This organic cocoa comes from the Peruvian Amazon.
It is the rarest variety in the world: criollo.

  • 100 g


Organic cocoa butter of Peru criollo 100g

Organic (BIO) cocoa butter in the form of vanilla-yellow pastilles. It is 100% cocoa butter . The butter is made from cocoa beans of a rare and noble variety of criollo , which is characterized by a mild but deep milk chocolate flavor. The beans come from an organic and sustainable cocoa plantation in Peru.
Cocoa butter, also known as cocoa butter, is one of the most stable and healthiest vegetable fats.


It consists of 65% saturated fatty acids, 32% monounsaturated fatty acids and only about 4% unsaturated fatty acids.


Cocoa butter is great both in the kitchen, as well as in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Butter is very beneficial for the skin due to the high content of vitamin E and polyphenols. Among other things, polyphenols inhibit inflammatory processes. They show antioxidant properties, thanks to which they reduce the amount of damage and strengthen the processes of renewal and regeneration of skin cells. The skin is healthier, more elastic and more resistant to harmful factors.


Taste and smell
Cocoa butter has an intense aroma of fresh cocoa , and the taste can be felt hints of walnuts and dark chocolate.


What to use cocoa butter for?

• For baking instead of butter or margarine.
• For a variety of dishes, eg in Indian cuisine. Perfect for frying or stewing any dish.
• For the production of homemade white chocolate.
• For making masks for skin or hair, as it moisturizes and lubricates well.
• For the production of candles.
• For massage.

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