Natural conditioner for damaged hair

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Natural conditioner for damaged hair, contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. Perfect for frequent use on damaged hair.

The conditioner is based on a cationic ingredient obtained from vegetable oils, which conditions the hair, prevents static electricity and makes it silky. It also makes it easier to detangle wet and dry hair and adds smoothness.

Contains the juice of aloe leaves with a strong moisturizing effect and facilitates detangling. The natural conditioner for damaged hair is enriched with Abyssinian oil and grape seed oil, which tones and restores the structure of dull and weak hair, makes it more elastic and gives it shine, macadamia oil strengthens and regenerates damaged hair. 

Rambutan seed extract gives them vitality and hydration.

The conditioner contains only a fragrance of natural origin, the scent note is sweet, fruity and vitalizing.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the conditioner on wet, washed hair, then rinse. You will get the best effect when you use the conditioner with the beBIO shampoo for damaged hair.

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