Multiflorous Honey 450 g

Fine-grained multi-flower honey with a distinctive floral, sweet taste and aroma. 

The color and taste of multiflorous honey may vary depending on the time of harvest and the flowers blooming in the area.

Properties of Multiflorous Honey:

  • in terms of chemical composition, it is characterized by a great variety
  • recommended for allergic diseases of the respiratory tract, such as atopic (allergenic) bronchial asthma or hay fever
  • simple sugars (glucose and fructose) contained in Multiflorous honey, thanks to their easy digestibility by the body, are a valuable source of energy for the heart muscle in heart and vascular diseases
  • it is also a valuable nutritional and regenerating product in states of physical and mental exhaustion
  • consumed regularly strengthens immunity

Variety of multiflorous honey

Multiflorous honey may vary in color and taste depending on the benefits of the apiary. We have several dozen apiaries, so even in the same season, multi-flower honey can be very different: from very light to dark yellow color. Natural honey will never be repeatable :)

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