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Something for the body - a tropical cleansing milk

Relaxing SPA rituals allow you to relax. While enjoying the enveloping warmth of the water, you can calm down and take care of your senses and body while taking a bath. Meet our new product for washing and skin care, and you will find out that the home SPA with Shy Deer cleansing milk is second to none!

Properties of the product and its ingredients:

  • The milk does not foam but cleans the skin of the body well, without depriving it of its natural protective barrier,
  • Aloe extract, sodium hyaluronate or glycerin contained in the composition of the milk support the maintenance of an appropriate level of skin hydration,
  • Ingredients such as vitamin E and rosemary extract - have an antioxidant effect, while the tea tree hydrolate - has a refreshing effect and supports the activity preventing the growth of microorganisms,
  • In addition, raw materials such as Acerola extract or sunflower oil have a smoothing effect on the skin, thanks to which the skin after washing is soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch!
  • The milk contains mild washing substances, thanks to which it does not irritate even sensitive skin,
  • Thanks to its captivating aroma - tropical fruit, such as mango or papaya - it stimulates the senses, making washing the skin with milk a pleasure!

The body cleansing milk is available in two types of packaging. The current offer is for a product in a packaging made of recycled plastic, you can also buy the product in a glass bottle. Regardless of the type of packaging - the cosmetic always has a capacity of 200 ml.

For whom?

  • For fans of our light facial cleansing lotion who are looking for an equivalent of this product for the whole body,
  • For vegans, but not only!
  • For people looking for cleansing cosmetics with an amazing scent,
  • For people who value the magic of SPA rituals,
  • For seekers of multi-purpose cosmetics.

Directions for use:

Soak the area of ​​the body skin you want to wash. Apply the lotion with a pump (about 2-3 pumps) on wet hands or on a sponge, washcloth or other body washing accessory. 

Then wash the soaked parts of the body with circular movements. After washing the skin thoroughly - rinse it with water. Repeat as needed. The product can be used daily, twice a day or as needed. 

You can wash your entire body with it, except for intimate areas, and avoid the area around the face and eyes. Due to the wooden element of the packaging - do not keep the product in direct contact with moisture, e.g. in a shower.


Aqua *, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil *, Decyl Glucoside **, Glycerin **, Propanediol **, Coco Glucoside (and) Glyceryl Oleate *, Isoamyl Laurate (and) Isoamyl Cocoate *, Sorbitan Laurate (and) Polyglyceryl- 4 Laurate (and) Dilauryl Citrate **, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Floral Water *, Tocopherol *, Panthenol *, Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Seed Oil (and) Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract *, Lactobacillus / Acerola Cherry Ferment *, Xanthan Gum *, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder Extract *, Sodium Hyaluronate **, Lactic Acid *, Benzyl Alcohol (and) Salicylic Acid (and) Glycerine (and) Sorbic Acid **, Parfum ***, Limonene *** *, Citronellol ****, Geraniol ****

* Ingredient of natural origin

** Certified ingredient

*** Ingredient accepted in natural cosmetics

**** Fragrance component

99.7% of raw materials of natural origin *

* 99.7 is also the sum of natural and certified ingredients. Certified ingredients may not only have Ecocert organic certification, but may also have other certifications such as Vegan, Fair Trade and others, or have a percentage compliance with COSMOS standards.

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