Pretty Neutral Primer - Mineral Powder

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The Annabelle Minerals Pretty Neutral mineral primer is a perfect base for make-up. It creates the perfect matt effect on the skin, extends the foundation's durability and helps fight imperfections.

The satin formula gives the skin sleek matte look. The clays: White, Green and Red gently nurture the skin and give it essential nutrients such as ferrum, magnesium, zinc, calcium, microelements and mineral salts.

Dedicated for all skin types, particularly sensitive, problematic and oily ones. Perfect for make-up following cosmetic treatments.


The primer does not leave marks and blends ideally with the skin. It does not change foundation colour because once applied on the skin, it becomes transparent. May also be used for make-up finish. Pretty Neutral primer is lightweight on the skin, non-comodeogenic and does not make skin feel tight.

The primer is antiallergic thanks to the use of natural ingredients and does not irritate the skin.

Ingredients: Illite, Mica, Kaolin.


Application of Annabelle Minerals Pretty Neutral primer is best done using a designated flat top brush and applying it all over the face, particularly on the T zone, i.e. forehead, nose and chin.

1. Spill a little bit of powder on the lid.

2. Pick up the powder with the brush, pressing it gently against the surface of the cosmetic.

3. Tap off any excess against the edge of your hand.

4. Apply the powder on the face gently pressing the cosmetic against the skin which will help you avoid uneveness and will result in a uniform layer.

Repeat the above actions if the result is too subtle for you.

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