Mineral Eye Pigment, Ruby

Intensively sparkling mineral eye pigments in refined shades. Rich in pigment, durable and efficient. Will light up every makeup look, adding diamond-like sparkle.


Natural ingredientseco packaging and a vegan formula. Apply alone or as sparkling finish to your look, for eyes and body.


Bejeweled makeup. Colorful, sparkling mineral pigments from Annabelle Minerals impress like luxury jewellery - dazzling with multidimensional glare and colors.
Mineral eye pigments sparkling with a million particles. A weightless formula and with a smooth consistency. Durable and non-crease. Will enrich any makeup look with a super reflective finish.


RUBY warm, bold pink pigment with a coral base and an admixture of burgundy. Perfect for evening makeup, complemented with mineral shadows in classic SMOKY and BLUEBERRY shades.


Each mineral pigment can be worn alone or as a makeup topper that gives a multidimensional reflective glare. The pigments are a perfect fit for anything from a wedding and to a night out.
The Annabelle Minerals mineral eye pigments are super efficient. Use just a touch to light up your eyes with a luxury reflection. These are natural products packed in a glass jar with an elegant branded cap. They will become the gems of your makeup bag.

How do i apply mineral eye pigments?
1. Apply with a flat eyeshadow brush or use your fingers.
2. Apply just a touch.
3. Build the intensity by applying another thin coat.
4. Use alone or as a sparkling topper.


Ingredients: Mica, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, CI 77491, CI 77492

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