Matte Clay Eyeshadow - Almond Milk

An eyeshadow created keeping in mind people with very sensitive eyes as well as contact lenses users.

The gentle lightweight formula based on natural cosmetic clays ensures the comfort of wearing eye makeup throughout the day.


Fewer ingredients, maximum effects. Annabelle Minerals created a 4-ingredient eyeshadow with velvety texture.


ALMOND MILK – milky-white clay eyeshadow. Can be used in several ways: as an eye primer, white eyeliner, brightening under-eye concealer. Applied alone on the entire lid, it brightens up the whole look.


Clay eyeshadow is a product designed for eyes prone to severe irritation as well as contact lens users. The innovative formula based on white and green clay brightens and visually smooths the eyelid and provides the skin with minerals.


Clay eyeshadow in Frappe is a subtle shade for a day make-up look, evoking an image of white coffee.

This versatile shade will appeal to every woman who appreciates natural beauty and delicate eye makeup. The eyeshadow can also be a great base colour for other shades.


Annabelle Minerals eye shadows are very durable and resistant to sweat and sebum. They stay untouched for many hours, even on the so-called "oily eyelid". They do not smudge or crease during application. They are comfortable to wear and do not irritate sensitive eyes.


Minimum ingredients, maximum effects. At Annabelle Minerals, we only needed a few natural ingredients to create gentle eyeshadows with a velvety texture. Clay eyeshadow is a product that suits the needs of everyone with very sensitive eyes, as well as contact lenses users.

The innovative formula based on white and green clays brightens and visually smoothes the eyelid.

Annabelle Minerals eyeshadows not only brighten up the look, but also - thanks to the content of natural clays - nourish the skin of the eyelids. The Soft Cocktail collection includes eyeshadows in pastel colors created with daily makeup in mind. They provide a matte, chic finish.

Ingredients: Mica, Illite, CI 77891


How to set eyeshadows?
Ahead of applying an eyeshadow, put a thin layer of  mineral foundation or clay primer on. It will smoothen the lid and make your eye makeup last longer.

How to mix eyeshadows on the lid?
The velvet formula od Annabelle Minerals clay eyeshadows makes them super blendable and easy to apply. They do not crease throughout the day. All you need is a proper eyeshadow blending brush to achieve the perfect gradient effect.

How to remove eyeshadows off the eyelids?
Try out one of Annabelle Minerals makeup removal oils. All you need to do is put a few drops of it on a reusable makeup round and gently massage it against the eyelid. The oil will dissolve even waterproof makeup.

Clay eyeshadows are packed in jars with a strainer.

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