Map of Poland for children EDUCATIONAL KIT

A set that will make your child learn the basics of geography while having fun!

size: 48 cm x 68 cm


A set that will make your child learn the basics of geography while playing easily and will not even notice when it happened!


Map of Poland for children. EDUCATIONAL KIT includes:

  • a colorful map of Poland,
  • 8 black and white challenge cards
  • 4 dry-erase felt-tip pens by the Polish company Granit,
  • cardboard envelope in which the set is packed.


Who exactly is the EDUCATIONAL KIT for?

  • The youngest group (4-7 years)

    • The youngest group of children can be familiarized with the concept of a map . Teach where you live.
    • Indicate where is the sea, mountains, lakes or where you have been on vacation.
  • School group

    • The map helps to assimilate the core curriculum in the geography of Poland .
  • Family

    • The map of Poland for children is  fun for the whole family   adults can also learn a lot from this map.
    • The map is a mini guide to Poland . Check what entertainment awaits you in our country!


See what challenges you will find on the cards of the Educational Kit with the Map of Poland for children:

1. Administrative challenge

2. Water challenge

3. A challenge for the youngest

4. The challenge "over the water"

5. Regional challenge

6. The geographic and natural challenge

7. Mountain challenge

8. Cartographic challenge


FREE set of dry-erase markers of the Polish brand GRANIT!

  • 4 colors - blue, red, black and green
  • each felt-tip pen has a wiper
  • The map and cards are covered with foil, so you can write on them with any dry-erase felt-tip pens.
  • It is best to use a soft cloth, tissue or paper towel for cleaning.

If you leave the maps saved for a long time and there are marker marks left after cleaning, use a window cleaner with alcohol or other universal cleaning product.


Map of Poland for children EDUCATIONAL KIT will give your child  not only theoretical knowledge,  but also  teach how to use the knowledge in practice.

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