Map of Poland for children

The map contains only  essential information for children.  The main geographic aspects of Poland are marked , and besides, the  greatest  attractions for children available in Poland  .

The map can be a motivation to set off in Poland!


Map of Poland for children

colored - horizontal - foiled 

2 sizes:

68 x 48 cm / 110 x 78 cm


Map included with the necessary accessories:

  • dry-erase marker - you can write and make travel plans on the map,
  • tesa Powerstrips® Poster Adhesive
  • tube.

The map shows the greatest attractions for children that are currently in Poland.


Who exactly is this map for?

  • The youngest group (4-7 years)

    • The youngest group of children can be familiarized with the concept of a map . Teach where you live.
    • Indicate where is the sea, mountains, lakes or where you have been on vacation.
  • School group

    • The map (and in particular  the set with challenges  helps to assimilate the core curriculum in the geography of Poland .
  • Family

    • The map of Poland for children is  fun for the whole family   adults can also learn a lot from this map.
    • The map is a mini guide to Poland . Check what entertainment awaits you in our country!


This is a map that will make your child ask questions that you will seek answers to together.

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