Lavender Hydrolate - Expiry Date 12.07.2022

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An extremely versatile lavender hydrolate / flower water with a practical mist spray bottle that you can carry with you everywhere for a quick face refresh.

Our lavender hydrolate is made by steam distillation of lavender flowers. This process retains all natural properties of lavender. Our hydrolate has a delicate lavender scent without the overwhelming strength typical for essential oils.

Benefits of lavender hydrolate

  • Lavender has anti-inflammatory, soothing and antibacterial properties
  • Hydrolate refreshes skin without drying it out
  • It can replace a tonic water balancing the pH of the skin

Use of lavender hydrolate

  • suitable for normal and combination skin, skin prone to spots and blemishes
  • spray directly on clean skin before applying face cream (avoid eyes and do not rub your eyes immediately after use)
  • it can be used for preparations of our clay face masks
  • on hot days, it refreshes the skin and can be used over make up

Size: 100 ml

Ingredients: Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Water

Warning: Do not use in case of known allergies to any listed ingredients. If irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use. We recommend to do a patch test on a small area of skin e.g. behind the ear.

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