KOCIEWSKI rapeseed honey produced for Wojciech Cejrowski 600 g

Rapeseed honey from apiaries located in Kociewie - the family site of Wojciech Cejrowski

Rapeseed honey crystallizes very quickly and then has a bright, almost white color . It has a mild, almost imperceptible smell of rapeseed flowers. It is neutral in taste . It is high in glucose and gives you energy quickly.


It is a good choice for people who are exhausted and exposed to extreme physical and mental effort .

Rapeseed honey is a good source of boron, magnesium, iron, potassium and B vitamins .

  • has a great effect on the heart , oxygenates and nourishes it,
  • strengthens the circulatory system ,
  • helps lower blood pressure,
  • quickly put on burned skin, prevents blisters,
  • has a positive effect  on the kidneys.


Glass packaging.

Weight: 600 g

Best before the end of 2024


Pasieka Szwałek - Kamil Szwałek
83-130 Pelplin, Klonówka, ul. Kościelna 21

The history of beekeeping tradition in the Szwałek family dates back to 1896,

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