HYDRO LASER Regenerating Face Cream with prolonged action (Night Cream)

£5.59 £7.98


For very dry, sensitive skin requiring intense moisturizing, reconstruction and regeneration of all 5 layers of epidermis.

Contains a complex of 4 active ingredients, effectively complementing the deficiencies of lipids, water and hyaluronic acid in the skin, providing maximum smoothing and improvement of firmness.

Epidermal hyaluronic activator – HYDRANOV™ provides efficient hydration of the deeper layers of epidermis, stimulates the renewal of tight junctions in the middle and upper layers and binds water molecules on the skin’s surface.

14 times quicker than hyaluronic acid. Liquid crystal ceramides rebuild the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Algae extract, vitamins and natural oils revitalize, nourish and effectively rejuvenate dry, tired and dull skin.

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