HYDRO LASER Anti-wrinkle Face Serum 30 ml



Carefully selected active ingredients regenerate and restore hydration in all 5 layers of epidermis, giving the skin a youthful appearance.

Revolutionary action of the activator of epidermal hyaluronic acid HYDRANOVTM provides efficient hydration of deeper layers of epidermis and stimulates the renewal of tight junctions in the middle and upper layers.


It dramatically increases skin’s hydration just 4 hours after a single application and works 3 times faster than hyaluronic acid.

Serum is enriched with MARINE COLLAGEN containing 18 amino acids, necessary for the synthesis of natural collagen in the skin and organic Argan Oil with a strong nutritive and anti-wrinkle action.

Skin appears firm, supple and smooth.*


*85% volunteers have confirmed an immediate and visible improvement of the level of skin hydration in vivo tests.

*60% volunteers have confirmed a visible reduction of wrinkles in vivo tests.

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