Honey with Pistachios and Cranberries

A unique, honey delicacy for bread, pancakes, desserts, waffles ... and eating straight from the jar.

Honey from the Honey Garden is not ordinary honeys with fruit .

It is a healthy luxury that you can give yourself without remorse. 

"Honey with cranberries and pistachios"

Pistachio appears in this flavor in two versions - chopped nuts and velvety 100% pistachio butter. 

As a result, the whole has a deep pistachio flavor, which perfectly combines with the acidity of the cranberry and the sweetness of natural rapeseed honey. 

Crushed pistachio, on the other hand, adds variety to its creamy texture. 

A delicious composition that  cares for your health and pleasure .



  • INGREDIENTS: natural rapeseed honey 88%, pistachios 7%, freeze-dried cranberry 5%

  • NUTRITION TABLE: Energy 1372.48 kJ / 328.27 kcal, 16.4% *; Fat 3.55 g, 5.1% *; of which fatty acids saturated 0.49 g, 2.45% *; Carbohydrates 76.55 g, 29.4% *; including sugars 74.15 g, 82.4% *; Protein 1.87 g, 3.74% *; Salt 5.52 mg, 0.09%*

  • RWS *: Reference Intake Value for an average adult 8,400 kJ / 2,000 kcal

  • NET WEIGHT: 250 g

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