Honey with Black Cumin and Elderberry 430 g

Multiflower honey with the addition of freeze-dried elderberry fruit and ground black cumin. It contains 2% elderberry and 4% black cumin.

A real vitamin bomb in a sweet and tart version! Interesting and non-obvious honey for fans of clear and bold culinary combinations.

It will surprise you with its unique taste with a slightly accentuated sour note. 

Eat it as an addition to sandwiches, cottage cheese or rolls, or add it to tea. It also tastes great when eaten with a spoon!

Properties of Honey with Elderberry and Black Cumin:

  • creamy multiflorous honey strengthens immunity and supports the treatment of allergic diseases of the respiratory tract
  • freeze-dried elderberry fruit retains all nutritional values
  • ground black cumin seeds enrich honey, among others. for biotin, vitamin E and B vitamins
  • black seed soothes the nervous system, improves digestion and supports the immune system
  • elderberry fruit is rich in vitamin C, lowers blood pressure and acts as an expectorant. It is irreplaceable in the fight against colds!

Ingredients: multiflower nectar honey 94%, ground black cumin 4%, freeze-dried elderberry fruit 2%

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