Lemon Honey 430 g

Creamy, delicate multi-flower honey with a strong lemon, full of vitamins!

This is an offer that was only a matter of time before it appeared. The addition of lemon with a delicate acidity balances the sweetness of honey, and the whole thing is a real vitamin bomb!

Each jar contains 97% multiflorous honey and 3% freeze-dried lemon. 

The freeze-drying process preserves the full nutritional value and taste of the fruit.

Properties of Honey Lemon:

  • multiflorous honey strengthens the immune system
  • it is recommended in allergic diseases of the respiratory system
  • in terms of chemical composition, multiflorous honey is very diverse
  • the addition of freeze-dried lemon is a wealth of vitamins and minerals, with a particular share of vitamin C.
  • ideal for fighting weakening the body, lowered immunity or strengthening the body

Honey with lemon is a perfectly balanced sweet and sour delicacy. Perfect as an addition to tea (add it to a warm, not hot drink), lemonade, morning glass of water, isotonic drinks, ice cream, sandwiches or porridge. The advantages of real multiflorous honey in combination with freeze-dried lemon are a tasty way to deal with colds and to support immunity in the autumn and winter period.

Ingredients: multiflower nectar honey 97%, freeze-dried lemon 3%

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