Ghee Clarified Butter 350 ml

Clarified butter, produced in a traditional way, for 8-12 hours, in a slow process taken from an Indian recipe. 

Made of the milk of Polish cows grazed in the pastures of the Bieszczady Mountains.

Clarified butter is perfect for frying - it has a high smoke point of 260 degrees Celsius. Could it be better?


Properties of Ghee clarified butter:

  • has a high smoke point , which means that it is perfect for frying dishes - it does not burn and does not emit harmful substances
  • it has a deep, creamy-buttery aroma that delicately saturates the food, emphasizing its taste
  • does not contain bad cholesterol
  • milk fat is a great transporter of vitamins, so it facilitates their absorption
  • improves digestion , cleansing the digestive system of deposits
  • has a positive effect on the brain, strengthening neural connections
  • works great for eyesight
  • Ghee clarified butter does not contain casein, lactose or gluten - it can be consumed by people suffering from their intolerance
  • when used cosmetically, it moisturizes the skin , smoothes it, and can be used for massages and baths

Ghee clarified butter is a milk fat inspired by Indian art - 100% nature in your kitchen. The healthiest frying fat , perfect as an addition to baking, stewing dishes or as a healthy substitute for traditional butter on a sandwich. Our experience shows that whoever invites clarified butter to his kitchen no longer returns to less healthy alternatives!

Clarified butter, due to the process in which it is prepared, has a long expiry date and does not need to be refrigerated . Always soft, creamy butter in your kitchen!

Our way to make clarified butter: add a teaspoon of clarified butter and a dash of coconut oil to your freshly brewed coffee. Blend the prepared drink until a foam is formed. In this way , you will prepare a drink called "bulletproof coffee" that will give you energy!

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