Flower pollen from apiaries located in Kociewie 180 g

Flower pollen comes from apiaries located in Kociewie - the family site of Wojciech Cejrowski.


Flower pollen , also known as bee pollen , is nothing else than pollen collected by bees from flowers , enriched with bee enzymes, honey and nectar.


 It has a growing number of users. It is not surprising because it contains over two hundred biologically active substances . It is an excellent source of vitamin A , of which it contains about 20 times more than a carrot. Additionally, it contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, E, C, PP and D.


Bee pollen, due to its rich biological composition, can be considered a great representative of the superfoods group, i.e. food with a VERY healthy composition.

It is worth consuming pollen all year round, but it will be especially useful in spring, when we regain strength after a long winter .



To increase pollen assimilation , it is recommended to soak pollen grains for several hours or grind them before consumption . Here are two ways to use pollen:

  • Place 1 tablespoon of pollen in lukewarm water in the evening, and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. In this way, we will achieve even 8-10 times greater digestibility
  • tablespoon of pollen should be added to yogurt, porridge, kefir at least half an hour before consumption in order to dissolve the pollen.


Health benefits:

  • perfectly strengthens the body during treatments that weaken the body,
  • improves the body's immunity,
  • supports the heart and circulatory system,
  • accelerates the metabolism and stimulates the appetite,
  • strengthens the liver.


Weight180 g

Glass packaging.

Best before the end of 2024


Pasieka Szwałek - Kamil Szwałek
83-130 Pelplin, Klonówka, ul. Kościelna 21

The history of beekeeping tradition in the Szwałek family dates back to 1896.

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