Face Cream naturally improving skin tone 5 in 1 30 ml

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The 5-in-1 formula gives the color of a light tan, smoothest, quickly tightens, nourishes, and slightly lubricates. 

Contains walnut and carrot extracts. 

Day cream for dry, sensitive and normal skin. 

Developed on the basis of natural raw materials.

It has 5 functions:

  • it nourishes the skin,
  • giving it the color of a nice,
  • healthy and natural tan,
  • slightly oils,
  • smoothest and tightens it. 

The browning effect of the skin is caused by the extract of walnut leaves, rich in juglone, natural Caramel dye and carrot extract with a high content of beta-carotene, while providing protection against free radicals and UV radiation.

Cream recommended for age 25+.

Effect: skin elastic, taut and smooth, with a nice color.

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