Energizing Grapefruit Massage Oils 400 ml

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Massage oil

Based on natural grape seed oil, rich in phytosterols and vitamin E and F, with addition of sweet almond oil and natural ethereal grapefruit oil obtained from the peel of the fruits grown in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

The oil has soothing, toning and rejuvenating properties. Improves blood microcirculation and provides a feeling of soft and smooth skin.

Spreads easily, gradually absorbing into the skin and providing a good glide for a massage.

Improves skin’s elasticity, leaving it with a natural citrus scent.



Oils from: grape seeds, sweet almond, sunflower seeds, grapefruit.


How to use
Apply to the whole body and massage lightly with circular movements.
Can be also added to the bath or applied directly to the skin after taking a shower.

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