ECO MEN Slimming Balm for Men’s Tummy and Waist 200 ml



  • Figure modelling.
  • Efficient reduction of fatty tissue up to 10 cm less in the waist
  • Active ingredients tested on men

An intensive treatment developed to support fat burning around the tummy and waist.

The active LipoutTM ingredient, tested on men, transforms fat-storing adipocytes into fat-burning adipocytes. As a result, excess fatty tissue is reduced.

Tummy circumference is reduced to 10 cm and the subcutaneous fatty tissue – by 66.5%.

The slimming complex helps improve firmness and elasticity of the tummy skin within 28 days. The warming ingredient boosts slimming effectiveness.

The balm has excellent skin hydrating and smoothing properties. Physical activity is recommended for best results.


How to use

Apply the balm morning and evening to the skin on the tummy and waist areas. Skin redness and a irritation sensation are normal symptoms. Wash your hands after application. Do not apply to damaged or irritated skin. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.

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