Dr. Jacob's Chi-Cafe classic Aromatically mild taste with Reishi mushroom and ginseng, 400 g



  • Aromatic enjoyment with Reishi mushroom and ginseng
  • For a good digestion
  • With natural calcium from acacia fibre
  • Caffeine from coffee and guarana for gentle stimulation


The first fibre-rich coffee drink with exotic plant extract flavours

Chi-Cafe classic is the first fibre-rich coffee drink in the world with aromatic plant extracts. The combination of mild Arabica highland coffee and a hint of Robusta, mixed with special aromatic plant extracts of guarana, ginseng and Reishi mushroom, offers a uniquely harmonious coffee flavour with a mild, long-lasting stimulating effect.

Chi-Cafe classic awakens life energy (“chi”) and stimulates mind and spirit – without burdening the stomach and intestines.


Comments from our Facebook fans:

  • “The perfect balance”
  • “This Chi-Cafe is simply a pure enjoyment”
  • “On Tuesday I took Chi-Cafe to the office and now all my colleagues are thrilled!”
  • “Although I was a bit skeptical whether it would taste good, the skepticism evaporated right afterthe first sip!”

Enjoy Chi-Cafe in different variations

Chi-Cafe-Ginger: 2 heaped tsp of Chi Cafe, ½–1 teaspoon of SteviaBase and 1–2 pinches of ginger powder mixed with 150 ml of hot oat milk with a milk frother. Aromatic warming!

A dream with foam: Pour 100ml of hot water on 2 teaspoons of Chi Cafe and ½–1 teaspoon of SteviaBase. Mix 50 ml of warm soy milk separately with a milk frother and mix everything together.

Chi-Cafe-Frappé: Mix 3 tsp of Chi Cafe, 1½ tsp of Stevia Base, 130ml of cold soy milk and 70g of crushed ice in a blender and serve in a glass. Tip: soy, almond, hazelnut and oat milk are delicious alternatives to cow’s milk.


Instant coffee drink powder with fibre, soluble coffee and flavouring plant extracts.


Recommended consumption: For one cup, pour about 100 ml of boiling water onto 6 g of Chi Cafe (about 2 teaspoons). Add about 30 ml of milk or soy drink with calcium and sweeten to taste with SteviaBase. To ensure the full release of aroma, mix everything with a manual milk frother. For frappé or iced coffee, Chi-Cafe is even soluble in cold water.

Enjoy three cups of Chi-Cafe classic a day and pay attention to eating a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Acacia gum (69%, soluble fibre), instant coffee (23%), natural flavour (with guarana extract, Reishi extract, ginseng extract). Approximately 75mg of natural caffeine per cup (6g).

Fill level depends on technical factors. Please shake before opening

Expiry date: 05.05.2024

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