Derma Eco Woman Cleansing Gel 150 ml


Derma Eco Woman Facial Cleansing Gel is a certified, organic and hypoallergenic product. 

Gently removes makeup and other impurities. Its aloe vera soothes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it clean, soothed and soft. Completely safe and healthy care. 

The gel does not contain fragrances or dyes that could cause allergies - it is made of natural plant ingredients that are subject to strict quality control.

Derma Eco Woman is an investment in beauty and health. The product is also dedicated to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The product has received four certificates, which are a guarantee of safety and the highest quality:
Asthma-Allergy Denmark and Allergy Certified - for certified hypoallergenic, allergen-free products. No fragrances and no dyes.
Ecocert Organic Cosmos  -  for certified organic and organic products.
Nordic Ecolabel - for certified environmentally friendly products not tested on animals.

How to use:
Spread on your face, then rinse thoroughly with water. For everyday use.
For best results, it is recommended to use the 24 H Derma Eco Woman face cream after use  .

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