Derma Eco Baby Soothing Ointment 100 ml


Derma Eco Baby Soothing ointment - is an ideal protective and soothing cosmetic. It is an organic and hypoallergenic cosmetic designed for the delicate skin of the body of children and babies from the first day of life. 

The aloe extract contained in it soothes and soothes the already existing skin irritations, chafing, and at the same time moisturizes it and restores its natural pH.

On the other hand, castor oil and apricot kernel oil soften the epidermis, nourish and smooth it. 

Additionally, the natural coconut oil contained in the ointment greases and moisturizes the delicate skin of the baby. 

Another boon is Shea butter, which regenerates and intensively nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and delicate. 

Thanks to the cornmeal, the ointment has additional protective properties. The flour protects the skin from moisture and allows it to breathe freely. 

Therefore, it is ideal for use around diaper rash, as it prevents irritation, chafing and nappy dermatitis. After applying the product, the skin is protected against unfavorable factors.

The product is based on pure and natural organic ingredients. The ointment is free of fragrances and dyes, which minimizes the risk of allergies and skin reactions.

For the best care without the risk of allergies and irritation. 

Recommended by doctors in AD and allergy-prone patients and as a prophylaxis to avoid the risk of allergies.

The product has received four certificates that guarantee safety and the highest quality:

Asthma-Allergy Denmark and Allergy Certified - for certified hypoallergenic products , free from allergens and any harmful substances. No fragrances and no dyes.

Ecocert Organic Cosmos  -  for certified organic and organic products.

Nordic Ecolabel - for certified environmentally friendly products not tested on animals.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of the product directly on clean skin to the places you want to protect or soothe. The product is very efficient and absorbs very quickly. It can be used daily. We also recommend an olive and a cream from the Derma Eco Baby series.

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