Cocoa nibs - Venezuela - Rio Caribe 100g

The pure essence of cocoa beans is an antioxidant bomb!

Add to porridge, smoothies or morning coffee and suddenly… life becomes beautiful!

  • 100 g


Cocoa nibs, or cocoa sharps

Cocoa nibs (cocoa nibs) are small pieces of natural cocoa beans that have been roasted, shelled and shredded.


They are said to be the heart and soul of cocoa beans.

They have an exceptionally strong flavor and are natural with no additives. Very nutritious and healthy. They contain a lot of magnesium, manganese, copper and potassium . But the biggest advantage of consuming nibs is a very large portion of antioxidants.


Cocoa nibs are a superfood with the full fruity aromas of Venezuelan cocoa. They are crunchy, with a delicious and intense pure chocolate flavor.

Our cocoa flakes are gluten-free, contain no added sugar and are 100% vegan.



  • 100% cocoa beans


What to use them for in the kitchen?

  • As a crunchy topping for muesli, porridge, millet and other sweet breakfasts (sprinkle just before serving).

  • As a healthy and nutritious topping for desserts and ice cream (sprinkle just before serving).

  • For spicy dishes , because chili likes chocolate.

  • For coffee, for a slight sweetness.

  • For a cocktail to enrich it with antioxidants.

  • For caramel to get nougat (you need to crush the nibs well).

  • For chocolate-nut mass for pralines.

  • For croissants, cookies and cakes.

It is not recommended for cream bases and ganache because it absorbs moisture and can soften.

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