Cocoa Honey 430 g

Creamy multiflorous honey with the addition of real cocoa. A healthy version of chocolate cream. It contains 8% cocoa.

If you love chocolate or want to encourage your loved ones to eat healthier, you will like our product. 

We checked on our own children that through cocoa honey, especially capricious youngest, they find out how delicious honey can be.

We recommend it for pancakes, sandwiches and as a sweet snack eaten with a spoon straight from the jar. 

Properties of Cocoa Honey:

  • a healthy alternative to the popular chocolate creams - healthy honey-based sweets
  • Magnesium contained in real cocoa improves memory, improves learning processes, and strengthens bones and teeth
  • eagerly eaten by adults and children (which can encourage healthy eating without giving up dessert)
  • cocoa honey has all the advantages of multi-flower honey, with the taste of chocolate cream!
  • add warm milk and delicious, healthy cocoa ready to drink 

Ingredients: multiflower nectar honey 92%, cocoa 8%

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