Ceramic black, matte mug imprinted with ceramic tracing "crab".

DON'T STICK - it will be GOOD.

It is known that being worried does not help you.
It only weakens us and takes away our energy to act.

So DON'T PLEASE in vain !

Some people accuse us that this slogan can be viewed differently and that we are dissuading us from something with this cup. Well ... the choice (how to look at it) is EXCLUSIVELY up to the person concerned. True?

And with a cup, we can only encourage you to drink coffee  or tea . The best from our rich offer 🙂


Pull others to freedom! 🙂



Capacity: 300 ml
Height: 98 mm
Diameter: 82 mm
Material: matt ceramics
Printing: ceramic tracing

YELLOW center of the cup.

Dishwasher safe.

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