Cannabis Animals CBD Oil 4%


Cannabis animals 4% 10ml

Cannabis animals 4% is CBD oil obtained from hemp inflorescences, intended for animals weighing <20 kg.

The product is made of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) growing in the fields of southern Poland, which was specially contracted for this purpose by General Hemp Marketing Sp. z o. o.

Cannabis Animals is a line of hemp oils that support animal health. Created using the supercritical CO 2 extraction method , preserving all the properties and nutrients of the hemp plant. They contain cannabidiol (CBD for short), contained in hemp, is not a drug, and hemp is completely legal.

Cannabis Animals is a CBD oil for animals that, among other things ...

  • may contribute to the reduction of anxiety in the case of separation anxiety or acoustic phobia (this is the fear of sound - of a storm, the roar of passing cars, etc.);
  • relieves pain;
  • increases appetite and helps with nausea;
  • it is used to treat epilepsy and related seizures;
  • has applications in animal oncology;
  • reduces chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases;
  • can protect the nervous system and help with neurodegenerative diseases;
  • is legal and safe!

The finished product is packaged in a bottle with a pipette, which enables precise dispensing of drops.

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