Can + Yaguar Wild Energy 500 g

Yerbera - a functional can with a dispenser, filled with delicious Yaguar Wild Energy yerba!

The strongest yerb from Yaguar.


Weight: 500 g

A metal can with a dispenser allows you to conveniently pour dried material into the material. The can is tight and protects the herbs against weathering. Inside you will find 500 g of yerba mate Yaguar Wild Energy . One of the strongest yerb on the market. It has above-average caffeine content.


You can fill the empty can with any of your favorite herbs.


Yaguar Wild Energy has the power to stimulate. It is made of the highest quality holly, which is grown in a wild ecosystem - without the addition of chemicals, artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Long seasoning (aging), which lasts 18 months, causes that the infusion is almost devoid of bitterness , but a very high amount of natural caffeine is preserved .

Yerba Wild Energy is full of vitamins and antioxidants .



  • yerba mate  ( Ilex paraguariensis ) - a combination of leaves, sticks and a small amount of dust.


Yaguar Wild Energy is simply pure yerba ! No frills. Top-quality droughts from Brazil.


Taste and Aroma:

  • mild flavor,
  • classic, slightly smoky note.

Yerba's country of origin: Brazil - Parana


The most stimulating yerba mate by Yaguar!


Can dimensions:

  • height: 180 mm
  • width: 140 mm
  • depth: 88 mm

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