Can + Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey 500 g

Yerbera - a functional can with a dispenser full of delicious yerba Yaguar Naranja Earl Gray!

Stimulating yerba with the aroma of bergamot.

Weight: 500 g


Metal can with a special dispenser . Cleanly and without losing valuable yerba . The can is well closed and protects the yerba against weathering. And inside is 500 g of yerba mate Yaguar Naranja Earl Gray .

You can fill the empty can with any favorite herb.


Yaguar Naranja Earl Gray is an unprecedented combination of herbal yerba and bergamot flavor. The highest quality holly grown in a wild ecosystem - without the addition of chemicals, artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Long seasoning (aging), which lasts 18 months, almost deprives the yerba of its bitterness, but without losing a large amount of natural caffeine.



  • yerba mate growing up in a tropical forest ( Ilex paraguariensis ) - a combination of leaves, sticks and a small amount of dust,
  • orange peel ,
  • cornflower petals ,
  • marigold petals ,
  • natural bergamot flavor .


A balanced composition of yerba mate with orange that refreshes and stimulates!


Taste and Aroma:

  • the infusion has a deep, multi-dimensional character,
  • light fruity flavor, but far from the typical fruit yerba mixes,
  • slight bitterness of dried.

Yerba's country of origin: Brazil - Parana


Can dimensions:

  • height: 180 mm
  • width: 140 mm
  • depth: 88 mm

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