Buckwheat Honey 450 g

Buckwheat honey is obtained by bees from buckwheat flowers.

It is a granular, brown-colored * honey with a searing, sweet taste and a strong herbal aroma. It is one of the healthiest honeys showing high antibiotic properties.

Buckwheat honey is characterized by an intense flavor and aroma of buckwheat, which is why it has its staunch supporters, but also opponents. You either love it or you hate it;)

Properties of buckwheat honey:

  • Buckwheat honey detoxifies and cleanses the liver
  • cleans and strengthens blood vessels, preventing atherosclerosis
  • used in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia
  • The routine found in honey improves the absorption of vitamin C and accelerates wound healing
  • buckwheat honey strengthens the heart muscle
  • Buckwheat honey contains large amounts of magnesium
  • regularly stimulates the immune system
  • shows high antibiotic activity

Buckwheat honey crystallizes slowly, usually giving a stratification into a lower, coarse-crystalline layer and an upper, liquid layer. It does not affect the quality and properties of the honey.

* Buckwheat honey can be light brown to dark brown in color depending on other benefits in the vicinity of the apiary. Buckwheat honey flavor may also vary in intensity, depending on the amount of buckwheat in a given region of the apiary.

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