Bombilla Liza – STAINLESS STEEL 19 cm

High-quality bombilla for drinking yerba mate. 

  • stainless steel INOX
  • silver cooling ring
  • 19 cm

Bombilla Liza with a silver cooling ring

Carefully made bombilla with a spoon-type filter that filters thoroughly and prevents clogging of the bombilla.


High-quality INOX stainless steel guarantees that the bombilla will not rust, tarnish and discolor - it looks perfect!


  • high quality stainless steel INOX
  • silver cooling ring
  • slightly profiled
  • wide strainer - spoon
  • length: 19 cm


It works well both in hot and cold (terrere) drunk yerba.

Water with detergents can be used for washing. Suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

From time to time, it should be cleaned with a special bombilla brush.

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