Biowen BIO cocoa powder – 90g


Bio cocoa Biowen: 

  • a good addition to home baked goods and desserts,
  • the product is EU Organic certified,
  • ecological and convenient packaging,
  • masa netto: 90 g
  • does not contain sugar and lactose
  • perfect for vegans and vegetarians   

BIO cocoa superfoods – what is it?

Each of us has probably consumed cocoa at least once in our lives. And certainly each of us has heard about it! But what is BIO cocoa? What is BIO cocoa superfoods? Is it some other cocoa or maybe just organic cocoa? 

Organic cocoa is included in the range of products called superfoods. It contains valuable flavonols, which are responsible, for example, for the proper elasticity of blood vessels, and thus ensure proper blood flow in the veins. It is very important that our blood can easily reach all corners of our body! 

Organic cocoa is cocoa that comes from crops under strict supervision and has an ecological certificate confirming its purity of origin and the lack of the use of, for example, artificial fertilizers or pesticides to protect plants. Organic cocoa is a great choice if we care about the high quality and safety of the products we consume.


Organic cocoa ingredients 

BIO cocoa contains 100% only cocoa powder of organic origin.


What to use organic cocoa for?

BIO superfoods cocoa is rich in, among others, two very important ingredients: magnesium and iron! It is a real treasure trove of these elements. 

Magnesium is responsible for, among others: behind: 

  • electrolyte balance,
  • proper condition of teeth, 
  • proper bone condition,
  • energy metabolism, 
  • normal muscle contractions, including the heart,
  • reducing the feeling of fatigue,
  • proper course of psychological functions,
  • protein synthesis and cell division. 

In turn, potassium: 

  • helps maintain the proper functioning of the neuromuscular system,
  • supports proper blood pressure. 

Good quality cocoa may be an important element of our diet!

Cocoa can be consumed in many ways! Many of us associate it mainly with a drink made by combining cocoa and milk or a plant-based drink. But this is not the only way to use cocoa in your daily diet! You can add it to homemade baked goods, such as cookies or cakes, and you can also prepare various types of desserts with it! It will work great, for example, in the so-called power balls. You can sprinkle it on prepared desserts to break the sweetness of other ingredients and give them an interesting flavor. 

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, you can use this cocoa to prepare many flavors of different chocolate bars or pralines, which will surely delight your guests! Cocoa will also work well as an addition to cocktails or smoothies, it will give them not only a different taste, but also color! You can also add cocoa to your favorite coffee, for example! You will definitely like this drink if you are a coffee lover. 

Cocoa can be used in so many ways that the only limit seems to be your imagination!


Nutritional values ​​of organic cocoa 

BIO cocoa , as we mentioned, contains flavonoids, but also valuable potassium and magnesium, which it provides to our diet. Therefore, it is worth including them in your diet, especially those that are of high quality, without added sugar or ingredients that may be potentially harmful to our body. 

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