Biowen BIO broccoli powder – 120g


Biowen BIO broccoli powder:

  • the product was made from 400 g of fresh broccoli,
  • masa netto: 120 g,
  • has an ecological certificate,
  • less waste packaging,
  • perfect for cocktails and soups.


What is BIO broccoli powder?

BIO superfood broccoli is high-quality powdered vegetables that will easily diversify your dishes and make it easier for you to balance your meals! To produce 100 grams of the product, we used 400 grams of fresh broccoli! This green vegetable often appears on tables, and now you can eat it even more often and compose meals with it in an easier way! 

Broccoli powder contains a lot of valuable nutrients that influence its properties. Your body will thank you with long-lasting health when you nourish it as best as you can. BIO broccoli powder will help you with this! 

It's not without reason that we call organic broccoli a superfood or a super food! Here are its valuable ingredients and their properties! 

Vitamin A affects: 

  • differentiation of cells in our body, 
  • the functioning of our immunity, 
  • good condition of our mucous membranes and skin, 
  • eyesight, which keeps it in good condition, 
  • iron processing. 

Vitamin B9 (folic acid) affects: 

  • formation of blood cells, 
  • homocysteine ​​metabolism, 
  • mental functions,
  • reducing the feeling of fatigue,
  • resistance,
  • cell division,
  • formation of endogenous amino acids,
  • folate concentration in the blood (especially important during pregnancy!). 

Vitamin C affects: 

  • production of valuable collagen by our body, 
  • counteracting oxidative stress,
  • absorption of non-heme iron, 
  • body's immunity,
  • fatigue, 
  • energy metabolism, 
  • regeneration of vitamin E in a reduced form. 

That's why BIO broccoli powder is worth it! It's an easy way to introduce valuable vitamins and additional properties of the food we eat into your and your loved ones' diet!


Ingredients: BIO superfood broccoli

The product contains 100% broccoli from organic farming. It has an ecological certificate. No artificial colors, flavors, flavor enhancers or other unnecessary additives were used in its production.


How to consume broccoli powder?

You don't know how to use a product such as broccoli powder ? It's quite simple! So simple that you will probably quickly become fond of this form of using vegetables in your signature dishes and in the dishes you eat every day! 

You can use it when: 

  • you cook broccoli soup for additional broccoli flavor and additional nutrients, 
  • you are preparing a delicious and nutritious cocktail or shake that you want to enrich with this vegetable, 
  • you want to eat green waffles or pancakes for breakfast, especially the savory ones, not the sweet ones, 
  • you are making a salad and looking for an interesting way to diversify the yogurt salad dressing, 
  • you love different flavors of sauces and want to prepare broccoli or cheese and broccoli sauce. 

Powdered vegetables are a great addition to the diet, they diversify dishes in an almost imperceptible way in terms of texture and add additional nutritional value and portions of vegetables!


Nutritional values ​​- ORGANIC broccoli 

Broccoli is a green treasure trove of valuable nutritional properties. You will find mainly valuable vitamins, such as the above-mentioned vitamins A, B9 and C! Brassica vegetables are very rich in them!

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