beBIO SUN Cream with a MINERAL Filter for Body & Face SPF 30, 75 ml

£9.11 £11.39

beBIO SUN mineral filter for face and body SPF 30 – is a high protection against UVA and UVB rays, for all who want to enjoy completely natural solar protection. 


Contains 99% ingredients of natural origin, including 20% ​​ingredients from organic farming.

It only contains macromolecular filters that remain on the surface of the skin.This product is recommended for everyone looking for completely natural sun protection. 


Recommended, among others, for pregnant women and nursing mothers as a safe protection that reflects the sun’s rays thanks to the delicate outer shell. It is waterproof. No dyes.

The cream, thanks to the content of aloe and glycerin of organic origin, has a soothing, moisturizing and regenerating effect on irritations.


Added vitamin E is an irreplaceable antioxidant, which also moisturizes and tones the skin.

The cream after application leaves a protective coating on the skin, while allowing it to breathe freely.

Directions for use:
Before sun exposure, apply the cream to the face and body. Repeat the application after leaving the water. Wait until the lotion is completely absorbed before putting on clothes.

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