Beauty Box Self Care is a home SPA, closed in an elegant box, perfect for a gift for someone or for you.

It contains everything that will make your bathroom your personal SPA.

The set consists of a Specialized Firming Body Lotion and a dry massage brush.


Step 1. MAGIC scented candle Ecological, wooden scented candle, hand-made from soy wax. The wooden wick burns beautifully without smoking, and the candle itself can serve for a long time. Patchouli and rosewood are simply a magical composition of fragrances, emphasizing each other's strength and uniqueness, creating a composition with a truly magical aroma.


Step 2. The elegant Resibo headband will protect your hair during daily care. Make-up removal, face washing, exfoliation or other beauty treatments taking place in your home SPA will never be the same again. No more dirty or accidentally wet hair and unwanted strands sticking to the skin. The headband is made of soft, white microfiber fabric with a Velcro closure, making your routine care even more enjoyable.


Step 3. Multifunctional exfoliating face mask. Multifunctional peeling with enzymatic and mechanical properties. Deeply but gently exfoliates the skin. Your ally in the fight against imperfections and skin aging. It gently removes dead skin cells, nourishes, moisturizes and brightens the skin. Smoothes wrinkles. The skin will be healthier and more radiant day by day. Perfect for all skin types. It absorbs excess sebum, improving skin tone and soothing irritation.


Step 4. Instant beauty mask. Instantly regenerating, firming and filling face mask. It gives an immediate effect of firming and filling and visibly reduces wrinkles. The skin regains its healthy color and glow, it is radiant and looks younger. The mask has anti-aging and regenerating properties. Intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, protecting it against water loss.

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