Argentinian Thermos Trimmed with leather + Yerba Mate Guarani

Elegant set - Argentinian yerba mate thermos as a gift is a great gift for every yerba mate lover.

Set contains:


A unique Argentine flask, hand-trimmed with eco-leather.

The body and interior of the thermos are made of high-quality stainless steel. The walls of the thermos were made in a special SVC technology, it is a vacuum control system between the walls of the thermos, thanks to which cold and hot water can withstand much longer at their temperatures than with traditional ordinary thermos flasks. 

The thermos has a well-thought-out spout / stopper for pouring herbs, water flows very smoothly and does not spill to the sides. 

The whole thing is closed with an additional plastic lid, which protects the thermos against accidental opening while traveling and can be used as a mug. Ergonomic shape allows you to pour yerba with one hand.

The thermos can also be used for coffee or tea.

Capacity: 1 L


Yerba Mate Guarani Menta Boldo is an innovative mix of traditional Paraguayan yerba mate with boldo green and aromatic mint. Natural herbal additives add a mint-sweet aroma to the mixture and perfectly harmonize with the refined bitterness of classically smoked yerba mate.


Weight: 500g

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