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Unrefined SHEA Butter from Ghana

SHEA butter (also known as karité butter) is a thick, oily substance obtained from the African tree - Shea Parka. Thanks to the richness of vitamins and minerals it contains, it is traditionally used both as a cosmetic and as a frying oil. Africans rub it on the hair, hands, face, whole body, mouth and skin of children to protect them from the sun.


Unrefined SHEA has a pleasant nutty scent and a beige-yellow color. Refined butters differ in that they are deodorized and their color becomes almost white. 


Unrefined SHEA butter nourishes the hair, moisturizes dry ends and protects against the harmful effects of sunlight and cold. After use, your hair looks smooth and healthy. It also acts as a protection against the harmful effects of hair dye and the high temperature of the straightener. 


SHEA butter also regenerates the skin. Its nourishing properties help soothe irritations, and thanks to the presence of vitamins A and E, it protects against free radicals and thus slows down skin aging. 


In winter, we can use them to lubricate hands and to care for chapped lips, and in summer, create your own sunscreen or lotion on its basis. 

SHEA butter is a great ingredient for creating homemade liniments with the addition of caring oils, essential oils and waxes. After mixing with vegetable oil, we can obtain a light and pleasant foam.

100% pure SHEA butter, not subjected to refining processes. 

COO (Country of Origin): GHANA

Ingredients (INCI): Butyrospermum parkii butter 

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